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Mrs T, Sister of Customer, Walsall

By libracare, Jan 14 2016 12:51PM

"Libre Care have been providing care for my brother for the past 20 months. He has complex needs and needs support with many aspects of daily living. I can say with complete honesty that Libre Care give me peace of mind, knowing that he has his daily contact with the staff and that they are reliable, caring, firm when necessary and understand him and his circumstances. It would be hard to identify just one of the staff who support him, they are all patient and caring. I am grateful for their willingness to communicate with me over any issues which arise and that together we can sort things out quickly. The daily diary gives me an overview of how things are when I am unable to visit him.

Two members of staff are readily available if I need to speak to them. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and always when speaking to folk about my brother's care mention the ' Libre team'. Thank you."

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