Neil Farrington

I started my career within Health and Social Care at the age of 18. Employed by the Local Authority, I commenced as a Care Assistant supporting individuals with their care needs after being discharged from hospital.


I was able to develop within my role and transfer to manage an emergency response team whose primary function was to offer care and support to individuals who needed assistance outside of their usual care package.


I progressed on to become one of the management team of a Mental Health Crisis unit. The service offered crisis intervention and emotional support to individuals who were suffering from long term mental health conditions or short term mental health problems.


In 2006 I became the Registered Manager of a residential unit offering long term care and support to younger adults with complex physical disabilities.


My remit widened in 2009 when I also became the Registered Manager of my second residential unit whose services were predominately offered to individuals with profound learning disabilities.


Deanne Hinks


My career within Health and Social Care has been diverse and focused on supporting individuals with a variety of different needs including Frail Elderly, Elderly Mentally Ill and Younger Adults with Profound Learning Disabilities.


I have worked with the Emergency Call Centre for the NHS dealing with 999 emergency calls and navigating them to the appropriate service.


Employed by the Local Authority I have been part of the Management Team that responds to emergency calls from customers who need care and support outside of normal office hours.


I have also worked as a Care Manager where my primary role was designing and implementing care packages tailored to meet the holistic needs of an individual, reviewing these to ensure that the best quality and cost effectiveness was being maintained.


Within my most recent role I assisted individuals to design support plans that took into account their allocated Personal Budget and utilise the services that are available from the Private, Voluntary and Council operated sectors.